Monday, July 28, 2014

back from stampin' up!'s annual convention

hi tracey, momma, friends old and new!

it has been at least ten years since i attended stampin' up!'s annual convention, and boy, was i glad i went!

first of all, the excitement of being surrounded by 4,500 people with a common interest is overwhelming to say the least!  the stories, advice, classes, motivational speeches...all make me want to continue building a business to share what i love!

another wonderful piece of the convention are the swapping of cards.  i brought with me fifty each of three card fronts, as well as 60 full cards for an organized swap.  These were my creations...

although i have been home for a few days now, not a day goes by that i don't pour over my treasures, trying to decide which card i will use as my inspiration for the day!  here are a few of my favorites...



along with the knowledge i gained and the swaps i traded, the friends i made were truly my favorite part of convention.  believe it or not, i met the best people right on the plane out of philly!  megan, helen, jessica and jill adopted me right off the bat and invited me to go on a tour of the salt lake with them.  i found myself in their wonderful company a great part of the time...talking about stamping, actually stamping, eating and hanging out at the pool.  the time, or should i say therapy, with megan was wonderful.  she was so easy to talk to and we had so much in common.  God certainly places people in your life when you need them the most!  i look forward to meeting up with those great ladies soon!

speaking of friends...there were so many people i will always call friends, even though they are nameless.  you know the old saying, 'it takes a village...'?  well i found out it takes a village to complete a time for an organized swap.  so many wonderful people cared enough about me, a total stranger, to help me complete my shell card, get on a bus, and off the bus in time for my swap.  i didn't ask them, they just wanted to help!...and i suppose the frantic speed at which i was working while sitting in stampin' up!'s home office quiet area spoke volumes!  paige from orlando, i am forever in your debt!  this is me, stamping at stampin' up!

now here is the crazy spontaneous, romantic, wonderful husband, john, drove all the way to utah (from nj!) so that we may drive home together and experience the amazing sights (or sometimes lack there of...thank you western kansas) of this great nation of ours, on the 2,200 mile trek home!  it was a great i will hold dear for a very long time!

stampin' up!'s a company i am very proud to be a part of...great product, leadership and ideals.  i used to say, when i am retired from teaching, i wanted to organize bras in walmart.  i change my mind...i want to move to utah and be a picker in stampin' up!'s warehouse!

i leave you with this quote by the author anthony j. d'angelo-"without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."

thank you for stopping by.

peace be with you