Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy New Year!

hey there momma, tracey, friends old and new!

happy new year to you...welcome back!

i've written the beginning intro to this post a half a dozen times...laying down excuses of why this is the first post in over a year...and it all sounds just stupid and boring.

so let's pretend i'm new to this world of blogging and start off fresh...

i've had quite a year...the loss of my wonderful father, three weddings (about 400 invitations made by hand!), a new puppy and a new kitten. here are the happy couples...
My daughter, Sarah, and Harold
My stepson, Kevin, and Alanna
My stepdaughter, Tori, and Tim

however, i did manage to stamp.  as a matter of fact, i stamped quite a bit...some original, some CASEd and some a bit of bothe!   here's a sampling of what i've been up to in the lady cave:

i've heard, "it's not about having time, it's about making time".  preach.

i'm happiest when i make good choices.  life is all about the choices we make.  2017 needs to be the year i live from the neck up...making choices that will enhance my life, not those that will make me feel worse about a woman, wife, momma, teacher, friend, creative.

i hope you'll hang in here with me!  i love what i do and sharing it makes it extra special!

"you have a choice to live your best life every day, no matter the circumstances" new mantra!

peace be with you,