Thursday, June 18, 2015

manly man-the paper plunge #38

hey tracey, momma, friends old and new!

i's been awhile.  for more reasons than i care to explain, life has been overwhelming.

some good.  some bad.  but...being a woman of faith, i believe ...well, i guess, i just believe.

on to stamping...this week at the paper plunge, we are challenging you to create a manly man's card.  it is a perfect time of year to share what you have created for a man in your life, whether is it for father's day, a birthday, perhaps a graduation...

this is what i have done...

i just love stampin' ups! guy greetings...such fun stamps!  i made this for my pop for father's day.  since i am just uploading now, it is bound to be late...but that's me!  i think if my parents ever received a card on time, it would put them in shock!  

speaking of my dad...he's awesome!  lately, he's getting pretty sentimental.  every time we are on the phone, he tells me that his main job, his most rewarding job, had to be having us kids.  i can hear his proud come through the telephone from 1,200 miles away.  

well, my pop made us who we are.  we are a true reflection of him.  we are all hard workers.  we provide for our families.  we are strong individuals.  we are all pretty funny.  we love our families.  we are loyal friends.  all of these wonderful traits have been modeled to us by my father, the head of our family, whose love, belief and support in/of each of us, has meant the world to us all.  dads are special, especially mine. are truly a gift from above! 

thank you for stopping by-
i appreciate you.

until next time-
peace be with you.