Saturday, November 21, 2015

sweet sunday sketch #295

hey tracey, momma, friends old and new!

i've been making a few cards for a friend of mine and needed a bit of a push.  when i saw this  challenge from the sweet sunday sketch crew, i knew i'd be able to come up with something!  i needed a man card, a challenge in itself, since i'm hooked on flowers and butterflies!

here is the sketch:

and here is my card:

the silver glimmer paper really jazzes it up a bit.  i'm digging' it!

...and...i missed the contest date.  anyhoo.....

and while i am stampin these cards, i can't help but watch the latest christmas movie on netflix down in the lady cave.  i know, a bit early for some of you, but i just love a good sappy or funny or classic holiday film.  it's real feel good stuff!  

which leads me to say...the season is coming!  the season is coming!  i have my hand in so many things and it's hard to stay focused.  i feel like the main character in the movie, elf, when he answers the phone, "buddy the elf!  what's your favorite color?"  that's me.  always being sidetracked by all the other colorful, glittery things i need to do!

my wish for you this holiday season is peace and all you the next several weeks.  remember to take a breath once in awhile and take in all the good.  rest.  put on a sappy hallmark holiday movie in your cozy clothes and have a glass of wine.  you'll be glad you did.

thanks for stopping by-
i appreciate you.

until next time-
peace be with you.