Friday, July 19, 2013

ta-daaaa! my very first post!

i've be told, that in order to reach a must write it down.  i'm embarrassed to actually put it in writing, however, since i'm on my way, beginning with this blog, i may as well go for it.  some day, i want to be a part of stampin' up's design team.  there-i wrote it!  feels a little foolish and wonderful at the same time! i figured that i needed to get myself out there in order to do it.

it's kinda funny...when i was a demonstrator all those years ago, there weren't any blogs, web pages, social media-nothing!  you had to go out into the world to see what other people were doing!  in my circle of friends and stampers, i was always hailed as someone with talent...and it felt good!  but now-oh my.  i am truly humbled by what others are doing.  i am in awe. i am anxious to get back in the game and see how others, besides my-wonderful-husband-who-thinks-everything-i-create-is-amazing, feel about my work.

the truth of the matter is, i just want to 'play' again.  i just want to sit in my woman cave and see what comes out of my brain and onto some paper.  i want to have fun with my friends and see their faces light up when they make something to be proud of. would be nice to some day be a part of stampin' up's design team!

i'd like to leave you with a quote..."choice, not chance, determines your destiny".

peace be with you

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