Thursday, August 1, 2013

what was i thinking?!

i guess it was a terrible idea to begin blogging when the following week i would find myself in canton, georgia, visiting my wonderful father-in-law, john the elder,  and his lovely wife, patty.  john and i loaded up the motorcycles and headed to the north georgia mountains.  i can think of no other roads, at least ones that i have ridden on, that compare to these.  it makes me wonder... if God rode a motorcycle, would the roads in heaven be just like georgia's?

as much as this is a vacation geared for hitting the pavement, i have to say, i wish i had packed some stamp stuff to play with!  i keep receiving all these emails...with all these challenges...wishing i was in one of them!  well, i guess i will just have to satisfy my stamping jitters with a visit to one of the best stamp stores in roswell, georgia, called impressive ideas.  i'm quite sure there is a little something there that i must have!

i promise when i return home, i will stamp like a woman possessed and get some samples up on this blog o mine!  until then, i leave you with this quote by desmond tutu:  "you don't choose your family.  they are God's gift to you, as you are to them".  enjoy your joy to your family...

peace be with you

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