Thursday, May 28, 2015

single layer...pp#35

hey tracey, momma, friends old and new!

the paper plunge is featuring cards made with just one layer...always a tough one for me!!  however, it was perfect for this week because a single layer card is quick and easy!

here's what i did...

nothing fancy, really, but elegant all the same!  the black is not paper by the is just a border made with a black marker!

tonight i went to a retirement party for a dear friend of 25 years.  it was quite the gala and a true testimony to a wonderful lady.  as i looked around the room, there were so many people i adore.  unfortunately, my adoring them and thinking of them often does not translate into a phone call, a lunch date or martini thursday.  "we are all so busy" was the theme of the night.  well, i for one do not want to wait until i have time to visit with people who i can say always brought me joy...because, well, i don't think i'll have the time.  unless of course i make it!

my friend, jenn, and i drove together.  one of the best parts of the night was driving her back to her car in the parking lot of the dunkin donut's and sitting there for nearly an hour just shootin' the sh*t as they say.  it was a wonderful, comfortable, laugh-filled, solve the world's problems kind of that has been missing from our lives for a very long time...because we are too busy.  and it's true...we are so busy, but i miss those times with jenn.  it's not about having's about making time for the people who bring us joy!

lau tau once said, "time is a created thing.  to say, "i don't have time", is to say "i don't want to".  hmmm...

go forth and enjoy your time doing anything you want with anyone you want!

thanks for stopping by-
i appreciate you.

until next time,
peace be with you.

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