Thursday, May 7, 2015

may flowers...pp#33

hi tracey, momma, friends old and new!

tomorrow i am headed up north to ohio to see my step-daughter, tori, graduate from college.  it is a very exciting time for everyone...she is the last to march up the aisle to pomp and circumstance!  it is so neat to see the determination and wonder in the eyes of someone just starting out the rest of their's all so new again!

sort of like spring.  everything is new again.  one minute you look outside and the trees are bare and the grass is brown.  the next minute, the buds have bursted and the flowers are in full bloom.  i really love this time of is filled with hope for everything and everyone!

this week, at the paper plunge, we are challenging you to create some beautiful flowers...whether on a card, a bouquet, etc., make new life come alive in your paper crafting!

here is what i created:

i think tori will like this card.  the saying is just perfect for this young woman...she is filled with hope and determination...i know she will make any and all of her dreams come true.  i couldn't be more proud!

dr.  seuss once said, "today is your day.  your mountain is waiting now get on your way!"  i can't wait to see where tori's journey takes her...and i know she will take it by storm!

thank you for stopping by,
i appreciate you.

until next time,
peace be with you.

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