Thursday, August 13, 2015

awesomely artistic atc...pp#43

hey there tracey, momma, friends old and new!

i know, i know...twice in one week!  well, it was kinda easy...

my last post included an atc made for the paper plunge challenge #42.  this week we are challenging you to turn that atc, or one you already have that is sitting patiently in a box with its friends, into a card.  to see the original challenge, go here. 

the title of this post makes it sound like i'm a braggart, but i'm not...i used the set, awesomely artistic, to create mine...

the gold embossing does not show up too well in the picture, but it sure is pretty!  

in the past few posts, i have hinted that this summer has not been awesome at times.  that is do in part to the passing of a dear friend, maureen...someone that i worked side by side with for 12 years.  she was my teaching assistant before i became a general education teacher. (i have since returned to special education, however, in a different school and in an inclusion class.)  

maureen was taken way too early and did not have more than two months to live from the time she knew she was sick.  in those final days, she managed to squeeze in a visit with so many friends...including myself. i will always be grateful for that.

she was my 'classy' friend...always a lady with integrity out the whazoo!  she was funny, kind...more so to her dogs than humans sometimes!  she always put others before herself, and loved children with unconditional dedication.  maureen did not get a huge paycheck as an assistant...but that never mattered.  she gave 1,000% of herself to her students every single day.

maureen didn't have a funeral...instead she planned a celebration-a real irish wake!  the beer, wine, food and great memories were flowing.  i almost felt silly for crying amongst all of these people laughing over some wonderful story being told.  maureen made it easier for all of her friends and family, even after she wasn't here to do it in person.  

again i ask myself...what will i take away from this experience so that her passing wasn't in vain?  the life, for you never know when you will be called home.  secondly, friends matter...people matter.  stay connected.  i'm going to try harder with that one.  i will try harder to make the time for a visit, phone call, card...something to let people i care about know i do.  

tonight john and i had an impromptu dinner out when i picked him up from work.  we were in my teacher-friend's neighborhood, so i texted and told her so.  without hesitation, she hopped in the car to visit for just a few minutes before she took her son to hockey practice.  i really don't think tricia knew how much that simple gesture meant to me.  and that's what i'm talking about!  her little stop-in made me feel like i mattered...thank you for that, tricia!  

when it comes to seeing, calling, visiting, texting, writing-don't wait...the time will never be just right.    i read once, "nobody has time for anything.  you need to make time for the things that matter."

i'm going to try.

thank you for stopping by-
i appreciate you.

until next time-
peace be with you.

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