Thursday, August 20, 2015

birthday blossoms...pp#44 & c4c299

hi tracey, momma, friends old and new!

today at the paper plunge,  we are challenging you to use gray and one other color.  i chose to pair this misunderstood hue with blushing bride...a pretty combination, i think!

here is what i came up with...

i need to start stamping during the day so i have better light to take my pictures!  the colors are so much prettier in person...and my dazzling diamonds are much sparklier, too!

i thought i would enter this card at crazy for challenges.  

the sketch is definitely an easy one to play with.  check out the site...the design team has some great inspiration for you!  

i've been thinking...

for some odd reason...feeling a bit funky and want to make an attitude change.  one person who definitely helps is elizabeth gilbert, the author.  i recently read that she has a quote hanging above her desk...

"a person will be called to account on judgement day for every permissible thing he might have enjoyed but did not." 

about this, she wrote...

"It makes me smile to imagine God looking over your life at the end of time, and saying, "Seriously? I gave you the gift of a body and a spirit, and you could have enjoyed yourself in this beautiful world, and you DIDN'T? You had opportunities to experience pleasure and satisfaction and delight, and you DIDN'T TAKE THEM? Because — what? You were too busy? You were too afraid? You thought I wanted you to deny yourself everything good — everything good that I myself created? What were you THINKING?!"

man, that woman has a way with words!!  she continues...

"This sentiment is such a warm and reassuring antidote to a theology of suffering. 
This sentiment is the opposite of a life of self-denial, self-punishment, and martyrdom.
This theology says: HAVE A GOOD TIME, PEOPLE.
This theology doesn't suggest that the world is a paradise, or that life isn't hard. It just says: HAVE A GOOD TIME, PEOPLE...WHENEVER YOU CAN.
This theology suggests that not only are you ALLOWED to enjoy yourself sometimes in life, but that perhaps you must. Perhaps enjoyment is the highest form of worship and the sincerest expression of gratitude for the miracle of your existence."

liz ends with this...(when i met her at her store, she said...please!  call me liz!)

"Just talking about pleasure. Mere pleasure. Simple pleasure. Healthy pleasure. Sincere pleasure. Holy pleasure. 
Enjoyment is your birthright and your destiny. Don't waste the chance for it.
And after each moment of enjoyment, don't forget to say simply: THANK YOU."

tomorrow is a new day.  i will live in complete joy and be grateful for the gift of being!!

thank you for stopping by-i appreciate you!
until next time-peace be with you!

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